Kesha Rose Sebert, aka Ke$ha, is stuck. She’s stuck with a label that doesn’t care about her claims of abuse, her livelihood, her mental health. She’s more than likely stuck working with her abuser.

Kesha was subjected to years of physical and sexual violence. She was coerced and belittled. She is now unable to make music unless she does so with or in the environment of the man that did these things to her. Sony has “allowed” her to work with another producer, but her lawyer shot a huge hole in that claim, saying that Sony wouldn’t promote the music because they are more invested in Dr. Luke, who makes them more money.

Why has Sony not dismissed Dr. Luke, pending investigation? Why is he still allowed to work while this plays out? Sony is basically saying “we don’t care about the safety of our artists” by allowing this man to continue to work and make money while Kesha can’t do a thing.

#FreedomForKesha and #FreeKesha are more than just hashtags. They’re a huge glowing sign that says “I stand with the victims of abuse, not matter if they come forward an hour afterward or years later. I stand with the women that live in fear of their abuser, the women who are still standing strong even though they’re terrified. I stand with the women who are silent, the ones cheering for Kesha in secret, the ones who never spoke a word about their own abuse. I believe you, I believe you, I believe you.”

Kesha’s music is something that deeply resonates with me and countless others. Her message is to be yourself, no matter what, to live your truth and to hell with those who try to keep you down. I hope she hasn’t forgotten how to do that, especially now. I  hope she doesn’t let this dull her sparkle. Her fans are still glitter spattered and full of the hope she gave us. We aren’t going anywhere. In the words of Luna Lovegood “We’re all still here, we’re still fighting”. Kesha taught us how to do that, to fight when the battle seemed lost. So, Kesha, if by some chance you’re reading this, we’re fighting for you. We aren’t deserting you, it doesn’t matter if you release music tomorrow or in ten more years. We won’t forget you, and we won’t let anyone else forget you, either.



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