The End Is Always Near

A lot of things are ending lately. announced this morning that they finally caved to the dying of the light and went gentle into that good night (the good night being, Jason Tate’s new venture).

When Property of Zack ended last year, I felt safe, secure in my little corner of the internet.

Yesterday, the walls of that little corner were officially knocked down. Unsigned & Unleashed was everything to me for the longest time. I posted news, reviews, interviews, song streams, album streams, little blurbs of whatever I felt the readers needed to know. It felt like home. I met some amazing, incomparable people in my time there. Briana and Katy… you guys gave this weird kid a home, a place to run free and yell about whatever music I was loving at the time. It has been an honor and a fucking privilege to write and grow alongside you. Adriana, Laura, Juliet, and all the rest of the ladies and gents I called co-workers: I will always cheer for you. I will always freak out when I see your name in a byline. I love you all.

In the end (why does there have to be one?), I’m taking more than the ability not to stammer in front of celebrities and turn a phrase, I’m taking little bits of these amazing people with me. Briana’s grace and professionalism, Katy’s eye for photography, Adriana’s amazing way with words… I hope I make you all proud. I hope this isn’t the last time we work together.

Goodbye, U&U, it’s been a great ride. Thanks for letting me on.


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