PINCHme Review



Credit: PINCHme on Twitter


I love free stuff. I’m a broke, greedy person. Give me everything for free, no strings attached. PINCHme is my favorite thing of all time, because they give me random things that I actually need for free. 100% free. Not even a cent for S&H. That’s the number one perk they have going for them, everything is free.

The samples I got my first month were tops. I got Olay Body Wash (a deluxe sample), some Zzzquil (also a deluxe sample), a $100 wine voucher for Naked Wines, and some cat food for my furry son, Purry Mason. The only thing I had actually selected for my box was the Zzzquil, the rest were bonus samples. It was a nice treat.

The second month, I got cat food and Unisom Sleep Gels. Obviously the nice folks at PINCHme realize that I love to sleep. Keep ’em coming, PINCHme, I love me some non habit forming sleep gels.

The third month, my most recent month, all I got was some Emergen-C Gummies. They were sour. I ate them both immediately.

That’s the one downside of PINCHme, that the samples are non-consistent in number. It’s mostly because you have to qualify for certain samples in the basic “about me” survey you fill in beforehand, and I don’t qualify for a lot. The quality is always great, though. You never get small sample packets of body wash that you have to rip open and squeeze, you always get large, deluxe samples. My Olay body wash sample lasted about three weeks.

The samples take about two or three weeks to get to you, after the first box. My first box took three months to get to me, and others I’ve talked to that have tried the service say the same thing. After that, though, it’s pretty quick.

When you get the products, you have to do a quick survey about them. “Would you recommend this?”, “would you buy this product again”, things like that. It takes five minutes, tops.

All in all, PINCHme is a great service. I would rate it higher than Influenster, who’s products are super hard to qualify for (for me, at least). With PINCHme, everyone gets something, and you don’t have to do a lot for it (Influenster makes you promote and talk about your products on social media, etc.), just the quick surveys.

Grab some free samples today (it’s Sample Tuesday) here!



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