Amber Bettis is a twenty something coffee enthusiast with a penchant for witchcraft. She has 9 years experience as a journalist of the musical variety, and fills her time not spent on CrunchyRoll watching anime as a retail associate at a huge chain that rhymes with Schmollar Schmeneral. She is currently between journalist gigs like Brand New is between albums. After watching Almost Famous for the first time in 2007, she worked tirelessly to find the balance between Penny Lane’s magnetism, Lester Bang’s cynicism, and William Miller’s profession. When she isn’t yelling about sex workers’ rights and the patriarchal imbalance of the music industry, she likes to hang out with her cat, Purry Mason: Attorney At Claw, show off her Kesha tattoo, and argue with people about the artistic merits of Brand New’s Daisy.